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By Fiona Dewar

Now in its third year, the Girls Gone Fly Fishing annual weekend has become a regular and eagerly anticipated event on the calendars of many fly fisher chicks Australia wide. Every year in April they are drawn to the small town of Cressy, in Tasmania’s northern midlands, joining others at Hayes on Brumbys to enjoy a weekend of great company, fabulous food, wine and champagne, and to improve their fly fishing and casting skills.

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I was trying not to break the speed limit as I drove past the township of Cressy, towards Peter Hayes’ Fly Fishing Lodge. Why was I excited? The second Girls Gone Fly Fi shing weekend (GGFF), was about to begin! 

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Life, Love and Fly-Fishing

Sharing generosity of spirit and helping you get better, at getting better

Changing your loop shape

n my last post I talked about the need for you to study your loop shapes. I talked about the following attributes of every loop you cast.

1.     Shape – Fat or wide, Parallel or tailing. 

2.     Width

3.     Trajectory

4.     Tracking

5.     Unroll condition

6.     Line speed 

Let my now give you my thoughts about what you need to consider if you want to make better loop shapes. 

Now, ‘it depends’  but in general a reasonably narrow and parallel loop is what you are trying to achieve. 

If you can learn to make this loop shape well under a variety of conditions then all other loop shape will come more easily.

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Life, Love and Fly-Fishing

Sharing generosity of spirit and helping you get better, at getting better

Lessons from Lefty Kreh and invisible flylines

Here are a few words of wisdom, from both Lefty Kreh and Peter Hayes, that may help you become a better fly caster. 

You may remember in a recent BLOG post I talked about the 3 biggest issues holding most people back from  becoming  a better caster. 

The following may help you better understand the first point - learning to watch your loops.

9 times out of 10 people don't watch the back cast. The back cast is often the biggest problem.

Get it right and the forward cast becomes a no brainer. THE GREATEST BARRIER TO YOU IMPROVEMENT WILL BE YOUR INABILITY TO STUDY YOUR BACKCAST LOOP. I know this because I have taught casting for over 20 years. 
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