Stripper Clipper (1 Only)




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Another consideration highlighted by the World Distance Spey Casting Champion Travis Johnson at the Sandy River Spey Clave is that serious spey and switch rod fishermen would ideally use two Stripper Clips – one on each hip. Travis wants the coils always hanging on the downstream side of his body and the side of the river he fishes dictates this. Many casters also cast left hand up and at others, right hand up, this too can dictate where the line is best placed.

Consider purchasing two clips in the one order with just one postal cost !

This is a gadget that I wish I had invented – Lefty Kreh, ‘Fly Fisherman magazine’
Catch more fish with longer casts and no more tangles.
Designed and Manufactured in the USA. Guaranteed for life.

Click here to see the Peter demonstrate the Stripper Clip with a single handed rod and a variety of retrieve styles


Click here to see Bintoro using the Peter Hayes Stripper Clip with his Spey Rod.

Flyline Stripper Clip for Spey Casting from Bintoro on Vimeo.

This unbelievably simple, yet very clever, line management device has made more of a difference to my fishing catch rate than any thing else that I have used in 40 years of fly fishing. New rods, new lines, reels or flies have never made such a difference to my fishing success and enjoyment.
When you think about it – line management is the single biggest issue for every fly fishermen on this planet – no matter what the species. Period!
I can assure you that this is not a fly fishing gadget. It is a real life, fishing situation, line management aid that you simply cannot be without. Some of the benefits are:

  • Cast further
  • Deliver more quickly
  • Rarely tangle the line
  • Fly lines will last longer and stay cleaner
  • Lines will never be cut from wading boot studs or pulled from sharp ground obstacles
  • Easily adjusts for either left or right hand use.
  • Unique adjustable tension slide allows for a variety of line thicknesses from 0.030″ running line

Throw away the ugly, bulky, cumbersome stripping baskets. You no longer need to look like a pie seller at the football. Throw away the wobbly pinned flat trays. This unique Stripper Clip device is taking the fly fishing world by storm, and for good reason.

Competition fly fisherman, spey fishermen, saltwater and freshwater fly fishermen will find this device invaluable and as an important part of their kit as the rod, reel or line. Kayak fishermen are also using the Stripper Clip mounted on a short post adjacent to their line hand to great effect.
It doesn’t matter if you have a single handed or two handed fly rod. It doesn’t matter if you wade in a fast stream, walk a saltwater flat, stand on a boat to fish, sit in a kayak, stand on a surf beach or simply practice in a park. The stripper clip will be the greatest investment in fly fishing that you have ever made.

In my opinion you are at a great disadvantage if you ever go fishing without the aid of a Stripper Clip.

Do yourself a great favour give one a try and buy one as a gift for a fly fishing friend. You won’t be disappointed.