My passion is fishing. I have been fly fishing since I was 15 years old.

Over the years I have developed a few bad habits that, although they have not


stopped me catching fish, they have restricted my casting and therefore my total enjoyment of the sport.

So when I had the opportunity of enlisting in one of Peter Hayes’ Fly Fishing Schools I was excited at the prospect of learning a few new tricks and ironing out those bad habits.

The difference in my casting is amazing. Just an adjustment of the hand and a sharp stop at the top of the backcast has made all the difference.

Being a big man I was also taught by Peter that strength means nothing unless you have technique and timing. 
The bonus was the chat at lunch with all the fishing tips that I picked up.

I feel totally refreshed and can’t wait to try my newfound skills.”

Rex Hunt
Melbourne, Australia (more…)

Our Friends

Other great fly fishing people & businesses that I know.

In Tasmania

Tas Fishing and Boating News
Tasfish is run by my friend and mentor Mike Stevens. www.tasfish.com is the one stop shop for anything to do with fishing in Tasmania. Be sure to subscribe to his awesome bi monthly magazine.

Australian Fly Fishing Museum
A must visit if you are flying in or out of Launceston airport. It is just 10 minutes away. (more…)

Our Team

The Australian Fly Fishing School – Australia’s Three Masters

Peter Hayes
Peter is one of the most credentialed fly fishing guides and instructors in the world.

There is no one in Australia more qualified than Peter to teach you fly fishing and fly casting.

Peter has been the Australian Casting Champion a total of ten times and he has twice represented Australia at World Championships.

A twice silver medal winner at these events, on one occasion Peter cast a single handed fly rod an incredible 74 meters. (more…)