Cressy Cane 2023 Fishing Day





This is the event day including fishing, tuition and meals on Friday 31 March.

CLICK HERE to read an article by Nick Taransky that reports on the first 5 years of Cressy Cane
– published previously in NZ Troutfisher Magazine

A Bamboo Rod Makers Weekend Workshop will be held at ‘Hayes on Brumbys’ Fishing lodge,
Cressy. The workshop dates are 1/2/3 April 2023. This will be the 6th annual makers weekend.

This event is sure to be bigger and better than the last five years which were resounding
successes. It is a not to be missed event for all current, keen and budding makers. Spaces are
strictly limited and the event is sure to be oversubscribed as it was last year.

International Guest
For this event the internationally acclaimed fly fishing gurus Bill Higashi and Naoto Shibuya from Japan will be with us.

Learn more about Bill HERE